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This secure ftp site has been established by Frattalone, Inc.  for limited use by certain of its clients and other expressly authorized users. All authorized users have been provided with a username and password. If you have not been expressly authorized by Frattalone Companies to access this site, please disconnect immediately. 

This site has been established for the purpose of sharing electronic files, including adding to, updating, or deleting files from this site. Frattalone Companies does not guarantee and makes no warranties with respect to the authenticity of posted files. All authorized users have agreed to share data equally, and agree to do so in a good faith manner consistent with professional business practices.

By using this site, you agree to the following rules and conditions:

1. You understand that these electronic files are non-sealed recordings of printed documents prepared by Frattalone Companies or others. These files are provided only for the convenience of specifically authorized users and are intended solely for the exclusive use by that party for the purposes expressly authorized. 

2. Only printed copies of documents conveyed by Frattalone Companies may be relied upon. Any use of the information obtained or derived from these electronic files will be at the authorized user’s sole risk and with no risk or liability to Frattalone Companies. 

3. Because data stored in electronic media format can deteriorate or be modified inadvertently or otherwise without authorization of the data's creator, you agree that no warranties are made with respect to the contents of these files.



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