Maintenance & Repair

When Frank Frattalone started his business in 1970, he put great pride in how his equipment looked and performed. That tradition continues today with our 21 bay, 48,000 square foot maintenance and fabrication facilities. This state of the art building uses our waste oil to heat water for our in-floor system, which helps reduce our cost to operate and helps the environment.

The main shop is equipped with a 15-ton overhead trolley crane with a pick height of 23' and the fabrication shop is equipped with a 10-ton trolley crane.

Our fabrication shop runs two shifts and is skilled in all types of repair. Integrating that skill with state of the art equipment, enables us to form parts in our 100 ton press, build a specialized bucket, manufacture parts on our Bridgeport mill, or design specialty parts on our lathe capable of a 20" diameter.

The shop is staffed by 23 full time employees, covering shifts from 5:30 a.m. to 1:30 a.m. These employees combined have over 305 years of experience. Five of them are D.O.T. Certified Inspectors. We have the ability to do all component rebuilding in-house, which reduces our down time and controls our costs. There are two on-call service trucks 24 hours a day, seven days a week. We have six-field service trucks equipped with tools, cranes, and welders. One field service truck is set up just for welding and machine work with a 400 amp welder capable of carbon arc and running our bore welder and another full time, full service lube truck.  First impressions are everything, so we employ a full time washer to keep all of our equipment and trucks looking good.